Setup a simple XEN Virtualization Cluster – Part 1 – Hardware

XEN Server LogoXEN Server is a very cost effective way to virtualize your machines in SMB environments where you have to cope with a very limited buget and in most cases with limited networking performance.
The community edition of XEN Server is free and offers all functionality you need for SMB if you do not require High Availablity Services (moving VM’s between servers without shutting them down).

In this series we will setup a simple imaginary virtualization cluster from scratch.

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Upgrade Alfresco 3.4 to 4.2 in production enviroment

Alfresco DMS Logo

While searching the internet for a complete solution to upgrade my alfresco 3.4d system to the newer version 4.2 I noticed that all guides provided in the alfresco forum as well as the official wiki are of this kind:

  1. Backup database and content store
  2. Install new System
  3. Import Backup of database and content store.

As much as they wished it was that easy and straight forward it is NOT.

I very much like the Alfresco Software. But upgrading is a horrific experience.
In my case over 20 upgrade attempts have been conducted (using VM snapshots which saved days of time) before finding a working procedure. Read the rest of this entry


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